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Welcome to this website. It is about Freie and Berlin Universities which are located within the City of Berlin. Being the capital of Germany, Berlin offers an excellent site for learning with access to the best facilities and opportunities available within the City. Education is a pillar of development, especially in reconstructing, developing and maintaining the economy and lives of citizens of any particular country. As such, this website provides a fundamental platform to academic superiority.

Stanford University is renowned, with its headquarters located in San Francisco, California, USA. Since its foundation in October 1891, Stanford University has offered numerous education and training programs in fields ranging from social sciences, art, applied sciences, media, theatre and others. Due to demand for its quality services, the university began the Bing Overseas Studies Program through which the Stanford University of Berlin found its pillars laid. It has since taken the roots in the City with its unique programs and effective running systems. It has seven major schools that enable it to efficiently offer and administer programs through various faculties of Law, Humanities and Sciences, Business, Engineering, Medicine, Education and Earth Sciences. Due to the successful indigenous success attained through the pillars of Biology, High tech and Physics, more fields have been rolled out to include the Berlin’s avant theatre scene, film studies, the architecture of transformation, the political economy of Germany and others. The university also offers numerous internship opportunities through the Krupp Internship Program for Stanford University Students in Berlin. This is a solid program where students are able to work and learn for 6 to 9 months all over Germany. It fosters success, exposure, practicality, competition and a platform to earn where possible.

Freie University is a prominent higher learning institution in Germany. Located in a strategic Dahlem District, to the southwestern section of Berlin, it offers a conducive environment for learning. It has most of its academic and administrative infrastructure locate in the Henry Ford Building, which was the first to be completed as an independently owned structure belonging to the university. Having been founded back in 1948, the university has undergone a great revolution in its quest for academic excellence, which it has achieved as well. In line with the dynamically evolving demands for academic and training qualifications in order to handle the various sectors holding the world’s economy, Freie University has seven Graduate Schools for Mathematics, Global Politics, North American Studies, Literary Studies, Muslim Cultures and Societies, Regenerative Therapies and Transitional Studies. With a reputable foundation of discipline and excellence, the university has 8 central service institutions of languages, the library, botanical garden and museum, continuing studies, recreational sports, academic advising, career and counseling services, gender studies and the computer center. The university also believes that unity is strength, hence has established international relations and foreign offices in different cities. This provides adequate exchange programs and exposure to foreign opportunities.

These two universities have the advantage of being located in a city which by itself offers great opportunities to the students here for career progression and excellence.

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